With our industrial point-of-use vending system, distributors are well-equipped to go after new business, and increase their business with existing customers.
The ease of use of the machines is unmatched. It’s much more user-friendly than any machine I’ve ever utilized. We don’t need to spend days training staff on how to use the machine. It’s self-evident how to use it right off the bat.
Dan Foust
DiVal Safety Supply
The price point of the vending machines is right in that range where we can go out and compete against Fastenal. The ability to compete for large accounts or with large competitors is big.
Mark Kaman
Champion Six
The main benefit is that you can get customers to sign a contract. If you’re not doing your job, they could take it out. If you do your job, it locks you in there. You don’t have to worry about other people coming and taking your business.
Greg Davis
Quality Supply
1sourcevend’s Automated Vending Manager inventory management solutions are:
Easy to implement.

Get up and running in hours, not days or even months. Our plug-and-play system is so straightforward that an on-site technician is not required for setup. We’ve made our system easy to use, so that distributors can focus on what they do best – serving their customers. Learn more.

Simple to use.

Our vending machines and the software that drives them are simple and powerful, allowing you to deliver effective inventory control to your customers from the first vend. Learn more.

Designed to help you grow.

Grow wallet share and market share. 1sourcevend makes it easy for distributors and resellers of all sizes to be proactive and stand out in a rapidly changing market. Learn more.

See our simpler approach to inventory management in action. Request a demo of our solution.